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How and Where to Locate Merchandise to Sell on eBay by Atlantic Publishing Group Inc

The book, How and Where to Locate Merchandise to Sell on eBay by Atlantic Publishing Group Inc is packed with all the selling tips and information to make money on eBay. You will learn so many different reason why to use eBay, how it's great for income, ways to find products to sell and build relationships with customers.  Plus, there are many other wonderful tips and helpful hints to get you started. Honestly, I always had interest working with eBay, but had no idea what I need to do or how to begin. However, This book takes the guess work out and makes it super simple to understand and allows you to post your items and begin making money.
It basically is a book to help you understand what it takes to sell and where to begin looking. However, there are many great ideas like thrift shops, estate sales, flea markets and so many places that can help you begin selling online and making more than what you purchased these items for. Plus, I always felt eBay was great for even trying to sell DIY projects and items that you don't need anymore, which can be treasure for another!
What I love about this book is that each chaper is organized inside this book perfectly for anyone to follow along and learn before starting. If you ever get lost, you can search for the chapter that you want to review over and take it from there. It's just that simple and like many books on business, this really is perfect to have in anyone's collection for selling. Since, eBay is known as a primary or secondary to many for income. 

There are tips inside which really help and will keep you selling your items without having people pass it by. To share one example would be the photos used to share with the public, while posting for sale. It explains why taking photos with good image quality is important. This is so the item can be seen by everyone and no one will guess or feel unsure if anything is wrong with the product. Also, like myself I don't like to ask questions all the time, so a good picture can take the guess work out and make it easy for more to want the item than pass it by! Also, I have noticed how many love to take a blurry photo or not one at all, which is harder to tell what the item may look like. Therefore, for one tip in this book, that really is a big step to selling on eBay or any market. It needs to have a photo, plus a good description about the item as well!
I also enjoyed the information on buying items for cheap and selling them for more, which many do and it can be a successful way to make cash. This book explains that and so much more! Also, a helpful resource in the back of the book, to finding merchandise. I think eBay can actually be a place to make cash and earn a living, with the great detailed information included in this book! I would highly recommend this book, How and Where to Locate Merchandise to Sell on eBay because it's covering everything and is the only book you may need to get a great profit online!
Information About The Author:
For over 25 years Atlantic Publishing has been providing millions of readers information to jumpstart their careers, start businesses, manage employees, invest, plan for retirement, learn technologies, build relationships, and live rewarding, fulfilling lives. Our award-winning authors and publication staff strive to make our products the best and most up-to-date available. We go further than most publishers to get our customers the best products.

Book Information:
Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group Inc; 2 edition (March 31, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1601389450
ISBN-13: 978-1601389459
Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 5.9 x 0.8 inches

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