Friday, March 25, 2016

HooToo Cloud IP Camera with Cloud Storage & HD Video Streaming

The HooToo Cloud IP Camera with Cloud Storage makes protecting and securing the hoe so much easier. Also it even makes saving the footage and review it for later so much simpler! That is due the bonus of the cloud,which allows the recordings to be saved in your own personal cloud, to view when you want. However, you can even have it stored on a 32GB SD card. This can allow you to view and save a copy in your home. I think that both options are wonderful, which many past Security Cameras, never had before.
Now the camera itself is very well designed. I always think of these types like the cyclops, one large eye that can video record the entire area that you have it facing. Plus, with the nice sturdy bottom, this can easily be placed on a shelf or any flat surface. It can even be nicely hidden on a top shelf or bookshelf, where many wouldn't even notice it. Though this camera can also come in handy and be great to keep an eye on pets, little kids and even some treasures that you want to protect while on vacation or out of the home.
The features I love about the HooToo Cloud IP Camera is the 12 IR LED Lights allows me to view images during the night, as I would during the day. So I'm protected all day and night. Plus, with the WiFi ability, I can easily connect to my smartphone or tablet. No matter if I have an iOS phone or Android, this works with both, just by scanning the QR Code and I'm connected instantly. Another features I do enjoy is the motion detection that allows for instantly takes a photo of it and the two-way audio for communication with anybody in proximity of the camera.

Finally, it's a pretty good camera, very nicely designed and does have a strong connection with the WiFi. So now I know my house is being protected and safe, when I'm not home!

Product Information:
  • Record HD quality 1280 x 720p videos day or night and have them saved to your personal cloud or to a 32GB SD card
  • Full PTZ Controls: 320 degrees Pan, 120 degrees Tilt, and 4x digital Zoom - monitor every inch of your home, office, or dorm
  • You won't need to mess with IP or network settings, installing and using the camera is a matter of scanning a QR code to access live footage
  • 12 IR LED lights let you record at night while giving you an operational range of 32 feet/10 meters; built-in microphone and speaker lets you communicate with those in proximity to the camera
  • Antenna increases connection rate so you can broadcast high-quality footage directly to your Apple iOS or Android devices as well as your computer
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