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EReach Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

The EReach Ionic Hair Straightener Brush is an excellent brush and straightener in one! It has the heat coming from the top, which is easily distributed throughout the hair as you brush.
The heat then causes those frizzy strands of hair, to smoothen and become straight. Giving you a natural and healthy, straight head of hair. When I mean natural, it won't look as if your flattening each strand as a regular iron would. So for my curly hair, I can easily have it detangled by the comb style brush design and head, which leaves my hair not crimped or bent as it would between two metal plates. Plus, I don't have to fear a bad hair day ever with this ionic hair brush by the EReach. It really keeps my head looking nicely styled every day!
I do like to point out that this design is absolutely lovely with its small size brush on top, which is very much smaller than the regular sizes on the market. However, it seems so much easier for me to handle than a large paddle size brush head. Also, to use this product, it's basically the same as an iron with temperature control. The option of choosing your heat setting is really good, which allows all types of hair to get the much-needed heat to end up with straight and frizz free results. Now this digital temperature is nicely seen on the back of the brush, within the LED display screen.  
Plus, I do enjoy the thick cord, which can handle the power of the EReach Ionic Hair Brush and moves around, 360 degrees without getting in the way. It's simple enough for all hair types to use! Of course, one issue that is a problem with irons is that it could damage the hair or end up burning you. However, that isn't  an issue with this design. It really is hard t burn one's head, with the brush as the heat is inside not on the outer part of the brush. So it only distributes the heat when brushed into the hair. This ends up leaving the head safe from burns, which is never fun. Also, another perk of using a Hair Brush Straightener is that it detangles and gets the hair brushed out while straightening. So you're left with a step less to worry about. However, I always still brush ahead a time and then go right ahead to use the brush. 

Finally, this is something that really is great to have and use for straight and shiny smooth head of hair. It's light weight, easy to use as any brush is and works great!  No matter the hair type, this should de-frizz and straighten each very well, in my opinion.

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Product Information:
 You can switch temperature display between Fahrenheit and Celsius freely. Just hold down ionic button and power button at the same time for 3 seconds. 
* Input voltage: 100-240V 
* Frequency:50-60Hz
* Rated power: 30W 
* Anions concentration: above 6 million PCS/CM³ 
* Product Size: 270*70*40mm 

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