Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Elfina- Professional Automatic Curling Iron

The Elfina Automatic Curling Iron is just fast, perfect and a lovely design for a hair tool! This styling tool really allows the hair to get curled into bouncy corkscrew style. There is no frizzy or unusual curls, each one is perfect and so simple to make. 

I love that all I need to do is insert my hair into the curl chamber, to get stunning curls. There is not wrapping or twisting when it comes to the design of this machine. Instead, the hair is wrapped up with a press of a button and instantly held into place, for a few seconds, then it's released and you have your desired curl. I mean desired because you have an opportunity to switch from three different types. There are either very loose curls to a tighter corkscrew style. 
There also is a heat setting for the type of curl you decide to choose. If you want the loose style curl, then you would have it preset at the lowest time and going up from there to set the tighter style curl. Since this can really make your hair look as curly or wavy as you want it to be!
Now for the Elfina Curling Iron, there is a long and thick cord, which keeps it from being a problem when using the tool away from the outlet. You can move around and not have to fear of becoming stuck in one place or so close to an outlet. Plus, the thickness is perfect from becoming destroyed or bent when moved around. The 360-degree swivel of the curling iron allows for you to move it any way you like. I do enjoy that feature, even if it's just the cord.

A few other features to this device is that it comes with a nice LCD display for reading the temperature setting, a curling chamber that heats up quick and travel-friendly! Those three additional features really make this product even better! You now get a visual view of the temperature, so no mistakes can be made by choosing the wrong one, There is no worry to wait for the curler to heat up, I can set it up and get ready to curl in the morning for a full day of lovely salon style curls. No more rushing when it comes to this curling iron. 
Finally, this is my new favorite style Curling Iron! It's so easy to use and gives me a head full of curls or just the amount I want, quick and easy!

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Product Information:
Ceramic Curl Chamber for Smooth Curl Creation
4 Timer Settings: 8s, 10s, 12s, 15s 
LCD Display for Reading
Multi Temperature Setting: 140 degrees-230degrees
Curl direction control for either a uniform or natural look
Suitable for shorter and longer hair lengths
Tangle-free cord: 2m Long
2 Colors available: Active Pink and Elegant Black

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