Wednesday, March 16, 2016

BSTPOWER Professional Glue Gun 100W

The BSTPOWER Professional Glue Gun is perfect for all types of projects! It comes in a nice gun shaped design. The small tip of the Hot Glue Gun allows for the glue to be squeezed out
in small amounts, giving you a better chance to repair, create and work with tiny pieces. So if I'm gluing something thin or small like a flat back sided gem onto a piece of fabric, this really does a great job covering only a little bit of the stone, making it not sloppy or looking gooey with the glue all over.

The temperature of the BSTPOWER Glue Gun stays at the chosen amount, which you can change before use from 100watts to 220watts. This product supplies enough heat at a fast time to get the job done quick! I actually use this for most of my projects because it heats up quickly and allows for more glue to be used before refilling, as a small one would require. Plus, with that slim copper nozzle, I'm able to get a precise amount out easily. Plus, the handy metal piece keeps the gun at an angle for easy grabbing, while not allowing the tip to burn or touch anything it shouldn't while not in use.

Now for the power, it runs off of an attached power cord. The red light on the back will turn on, once it's plugged in. The only button you have control of is the temperature. Other than that, the entire gun is as simple as plug in, let heat up(does this quick), and start gluing. Therefore, I really do find this to be an excellent tool to have around the house for projects, household item repairs and so much more!

Product Information:
  • Anti-overheating with ceramic PTC thermistor, automatic thermostat to save energy, also retrofit the thermal insulation on the tail to prolong the life of the gun.
  • 100Watts, 110-240V, 3-5 min warm up time, indicator light on when heating and off when it heats up to the constant temperature. Temperature can adjust between 100°C-220°C.
  • Used with the glue strips diameter between 10.8mm-11.8mm,15-20g/min melting out. Regular stick size is 7/16'' D 10'' L.Trigger feed mechanism to controls flow of glue, with flexible and detachable stand to keep the gun stable and upright.
  • Non-drip tip which built in leak-proof valve, insulated and interchangeable nozzle(not included in package), cooling hole to cool down the temp and a rubber coating for easier cleaning.
  • Not only for crafting but also for home repair jobs, an ideal adhesive for home, office and school DIY crafts projects including metal, wood, glass, card, fabric, plastic, ceramics.
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