Wednesday, March 30, 2016

AUKEY WiFi Smart Switch with Energy Usage Meter Remote Control

The AUKEY WiFi Smart Swith with Energy Usage Meter is a terrific WiFi remote control device for window air conditioners! The product really is a little gizmo that plugs into a socket and allows you the ability to control your air conditioner.  So basically, this helps control the power of the device and allows you to keep an idea of the energy used and settings, with the use of the app on your phone. Almost making the entire house so much easy to control, without moving from one spot. 

The iPhones 6.0 or higher and Android 2.3 or high can easily download the app and be used to control the AUKEY Smart Switch. Plus, it's super simple to set up. All you need to do is add the app on to your phone, have the AUKEY WiFi Smart Switch plugged into an outlet. Now, through the WiFi in the home, you connect the phone to the device and you're ready to go!
Just think, this can be a great idea to use if you plan on going out and forgot to turn the air conditioner off or want to set something up ahead of time before you enter the room. Plus, if you want to have a few preset times for certain tasks to turn on or off, then you can easily set that up too! Also, there is a feature to show a measurement of the energy used in the home, helping you monitor the power used and can help you save money by eliminating standby power.

Finally, I feel this really makes one's home into a smart home, with one simple device and giving you the control over the airconditioner in your home! It's a wonderful product, really makes a difference and makes doing things a bit easier. 

Product Information:
  • Using the existing family WiFi network, this socket switch enables comfortable remote control of hard-to-reach appliances and devices with a tap of your mobile phone; great for assisting people with limited mobility or for those who regularly have to leave home in a hurry
  • Monitor and control energy usage and related costs from anywhere - diagram shows electricity consumption over the past year; saves money and conserves energy by eliminating standby power
  • Supports setting up to 20 timing tasks and can repeat the daily ON/OFF cycle during weekdays and weekends; perfect for cooking or lighting at dawn and dusk
  • Single socket can be connected to multiple mobile phones with the application; application is able to connect and control multiple sockets; socket is compatible with 2.4G routers but not 5G routers
  • Features a broadband voltage of 110-230V with maximum power of 2300W; application "smart life" is free on Google Play and "acpartner" on Apple APP Store; for Android 2.3 and above, iOS 6.0 and above

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