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AOMG 8CH 720P HD 960H DVR Security Camera System

The AOMG 8CH HD DVR is an excellent way to protect and secure any home or business. The four cameras included with the large main system that controls each is perfect for a small or large place, which can take a viewing of all parts of the outdoor location. So no matter where the camera's are placed the entire system will record each area and give you that extra hand to protect and keep you informed what may be going on, when you aren't around. 
The best part with a machine like this is that it's built to last and not get destroyed in any type of horrible weather issue. The AOMG Camera System was meant to be placed outdoors. So no matter the rain or snow, these cameras will be tough enough to last and capture those recordings without becoming destroyed.
Now, what is so appealing to me when the images are coming out clear and easy to see exactly what is being captured through the lenses of these cameras. Each of them, included in the package take excellent quality recordings of the visual objects in front of them. I haven't had any problem noticing exactly what is being recorded or had a hard time making out exactly what the person was wearing or who exactly it was unless I never met them. However, these cameras made it very easy to keep an eye around my house during the night and day. It is also very nice that this device can work day or night, instantly switching when the change occurs. The quick and reliable video recording during motion detection and when you are in need to start recording is something that can be very useful. 
Finally, the setup is pretty easy, which the directions in the manual will help if you need guidance. There is not much to explain since it's pretty much-connecting cords and powering on. However, the monitor that you will use is either the Smart Phone, Tablet or PC. That's what will become your portable monitor to watch and view the action of each camera. So you can watch exactly what is happening inside or when you aren't nearby. Plus, it mentions to be a simple syncing with the QR Code to set it on your phone or tablet. However, I couldn't located the code in the box, but I'm sure the use on a Television would be fine for a better view. I don't plan to be out on vacation often and can use it at home.  Therefore, this is wonderful and works great  to protect and make you feel secure anywhere you're using the AOMG DVR Security System.
The included equipment that comes with the entire device are the:
  • 4 Cameras - Allow you more area's to cover and set up for recording. Also picks up sound quite well too.
  • Main Device - Connects to the phone through a QR Code, which allows you to keep watch of each camera in action while you aren't nearby. However, The QR Code wasn't found in the box I received. There may be a missing code. Therefore, connecting to a regular Television monitor is best and possibly contacting the seller.
  • However, the phone isn't the only view-able monitor, which you can use. Instead, you can record and watch it on your PC or Tablet too!
  • The Cords - Used to set up, connecting the cameras and the system together.
  • Screw's - To attach the cameras in place
  • Mouse - Connects with the main device and allows you the ability to select and scroll through the options.
Product Information:
The main processor: Industrial-grade NVR 2431 embedded microcontroller controller 
The operating system: Embedded LINUX operating system 
The image sensor: 1.0 million pixels CMOS 
Lens: 3.6mm 
Lens Mount: M12 
Video standard: PAL/NTSC 
Monitor image quality: 1280*720 
The video quality: 720/D1/VGA@ 25fps Optional 
Image motion detecting: support 
Minimum illumination: 0.1LUX/F2.0 
Screenshots function:support 
IR Properties: Dual filter day / night: automatic switch, linkage switch 
IR Light: 30pcs 5Φ IR LEDS, IR Distance: 30M 
Video mode: Manual, dynamic video detection, timing, video recording, alarm video 
Recorded on: DVR 
The power supply: DC12V 1.5A 
Power consumption: 3W 
Working temperature: -20℃----+50℃ 
Working humidity: 10%-90% 
installation: Screw Installation 

Video input: 8-ch 
Audio input: 4-ch, RCA (2.0 Vp-p, 1kΩ) 
Decoding resolution: 720P /VGA /CIF 
HDMI/VGA output: 1-ch, resolution: 1280 × 720 /60Hz, 1024 × 768 /60Hz 
Audio output: 1-ch, RCA (Linear, 1kΩ) 
Playback resolution: 720P /VGA /CIF 
Synchronous playback: 4-ch, 720P 
Network interface: 1 RJ-45 10 /100 /1000 Mbps self-adaptive Ethernet interface 
Serial interface: 1 RS-485 half-duplex interface 
USB interface: 2 x USB2.0 
Power supply: 12VDC, 47~63Hz, 2A 
Power Consumption: 10W 
Chassis:1U chassis

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