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WPS Office 2016 Review

I think I finally found what I've always wanted, an even easier to use alternative to Microsoft Office! This program I'm talking about is called WPS Office 2016. It's got all the useful business programs just like Microsoft and other writing programs. These include Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheet, which all work similar to Microsoft and the others, but I feel that the design is so much easier for beginners to understand and use, without getting confused or even teens who are starting to write resumes or essays, can figure it out as well!
Honestly, when I started to downloading this program to my computer it took less than 30 minutes. I was shocked, since it has so many useful applications in this WPS Office that it went super fast! Many times I try to download a few others online that had everything that I needed, ended up taking over an hour. I don't mind the wait, but the reason that this made me so pleased was that my internet isn't super stable and ends up going out while downloading. So it takes even longer to download than it needs too. However, that wasn't a problem with this program, it was fast and when I clicked either of the icons, they loaded up even faster! 

Now of course, you have the option to download and use the free WPS Office 2016 version or you can buy the business version which offers similar benefits of the free account, but a lot of things are not included. I think if your really into writing and working online, than you might just go for the business version, which the title with business really says it all! Plus, it can be used on your many mobile devices for free, which can be useful for on the go and where every you want to start working.
After it did finish downloading, I started using it right away. I started with the Writers Program, which will give you the feeling that your using Microsoft Word or a similar program. You can create some wonderful notices, letters, essays, stories, and pretty much  any type of writing you want to design. As you can see, the toolbar and design is similar and very easy to work with. I love that I can change the format and add photos and do so much on the Writers Program. It has a very nice user friendly design, with all the choices on top and a few options on the right side. Plus, these options to change format or do any change in the program aren't hard to read or see. The size is pretty easy to view and very clear to know what they do. So this is perfect for adults and kids who are using it for school or business.

Next, I tried the Spreadsheet, which is like Excel. This is where you actually can work your own graphs, spreadsheets and even create some useful documents for tracking, invoices, finance, business, budgets and so much more! Plus, it also gives you a variety of templates that you can download and use. What I love is that this also has a similar style and performs the same tasks as Excel would. I really found it to be just as simple to figure out as well. The design I love so far of the WPS, it just feels pleasant to use and not difficult or boring to look at. I mean it might not be full of color or things popping out, but it has some kind of clear and easy on the eyes type of style. 
The last is the Presentation, which is like the Slide show you get in Microsoft or any other program. This again is very nicely designed and just as simple as the rest. It's prefect to create some homemade slides to share with others or for work, which you need to present some new ideas with. Now, I want to also mention that the Presentation Program on WPS Office actually allows you a choice of downloadable templates, which is really nice. So you don't need to have your own and can use some already made options. There are plenty to choose from, which comes in handy with all types of projects you want to create with this program.
Finally, with all the program choices inside of WPS Office 2016, I feel it is very well designed, user friendly and so much faster to download and understand verse many on the market! I would highly recommend this program to all adults and kids that need to write up reports, documents, lesson plans, resumes and pretty much any thing you need because it's just that great!

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