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The Evolution of Type by Tony Seddon and Stephen Coles

The book, The Evolution of Type by Tony Seddon and Stephen Coles is very nice hardcover book that goes into detail about all the different types used during different time periods. The book itself is such a nice reference and has very lovely illustrations of the letters and it's different styles. I love that the book actually uses the types to construct each page of reference and design. It really is an interesting read! Actually just looking at the different styles of Type really is nice, plus loving the large size visual!
There is actually a nice organizing of the six chapters, where it will go by different dates in time. These dates will have the description of the type during those periods. However, they are all still used today and this is just the perfect book to show you when they were first used. It's illustrated with tons of the actual Types, with the names you'll find them under, the history and best of all the examples below with real words using the type. It's a perfect reference book!
Here are the list of the time periods you'll find in the book:
  • 1455-1700 The start of it all: The first typefaces are designed in Germany, Italy, France and the Netherlands
  • 1700-1890 The emergence of literacy: The popular desire for reading material drives invention
  • 1890-1920 The first technological age: Type foundries become big business and mass production becomes reality
  • 1920-1960 Type meets art: Typographic originality and creative culture embrace on an industrial scale
  • 1960-1990 Type become cool: Type influences international style
  • 1990-today The second technological age: Typesetting for the masses.
It's actually pretty neat! So from the 1455 time period all the way till now, you have all the history about different Type styles used and following it is the interesting facts as history of it as well.  So if your looking for information on the changes of Type during the period of time or just want to get a glance of the Type styles, than this is the book to take a look into!
Information About The Author:
Tony Seddon is a freelance designer, art director and writer. He has authored and co-authored five books on graphic design, art direction and typography, including Thou Shall Not Use Comic Sans: A Designer's Almanac of Dos and Don'ts. He lives in East Sussex, UK.

Book Information:
Publisher: Firefly Books
Author Statement: Tony Seddon ; Foreword by Stephen Coles
Audience: Trade
Specs: full-color throughout, glossary, bibliography, index
Pages: 256
Trim Size: 7 1/2" X 9 1/2" X 1"
Language code 1: eng
Publication Date: 20150814
Copyright Year: 2015

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