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"IS THIS THING ON?" by Abby Stokes

The book, "IS THIS THING ON?" by Abby Stokes is everything about the digital devices you own or want to purchase. Plus for me this book is pretty much everything I always wanted to learn about! Since, this is a great book for a beginner and those who might know a few things about digital devices, but want to learn a little more. The only reason I fell in love with the book rather than many others out there, is that it's got everything in it that I wanted to know about for my Tablet, PC and Phone. Also, it gives you an idea about Android and even Apple products. Now, even though there are many books that are filled with plenty of information and can be helpful, but many don't break it down, allowing it to be easier for anyone or everyone to catch on and understand it. 
Honestly, there isn't anything like having a great book that can teach and help me understand my computer or phone, without difficult words to pronounce and hard to understand or confusing paragraphs that makes me go back and read it over and over again.
Instead, the author made this for everyone who wants to learn about digital devices. It's well organized inside, broken down to make it simple to figure out what you need to do or need to understand. Also the book includes cute little illustrations and tons of definitions to many of the terms and words used in the digital world of speaking and it's got some humor to get you laughing and keep your interested to learn about these devices and read the book.

Plus, this book isn't just guidance into any digital device. Instead, the book actually acts as a great answering book to all of your questions. There are so many questions answered that we probably all wanted answered. When I was reading through the questions asked, there was one that really caught my attention about the internet and World Wide Web, which I always figure was the same thing. However, it isn't. The internet is actually the massive network we use, but the Web is just one of the networks on the internet. That's actually interesting, I learn something new. So yes I am indeed happy with this book and feel like I'm learning more than many books I've seen before. Plus, not only do I get the answers to questions I had never thought about or always was curious to find out, but I also have information on everything. Some of these things that I'm getting help to understand are such things as the meanings to all those digital terms, learn about the 100 free apps I could download, know what every thing on the computer stands for and the other devices and what you can do with them.
Finally, for a beginner that might be new to the use of a digital device, such as PCs, Tablets, Phones, Scanners, Printers, Smart TVs and many more this is just a wonderful book to help you understand everything in an whimsical and enjoyably book. Therefore, I'd highly recommend to check this book out! It might just fill your brain with some wonderful information and make you become a pro with digital devices. ☺
Information About The Author:  
Abby Stokes has taken on the role of the Johnny Appleseed of technology, crisscrossing the country to help “digital immigrants” conquer their fear. She has visited more than 20 states, 120 public libraries, and 100 senior centers/computer clubs, and has hosted webinars across the country. She has taught courses at both Cooper Union and NYU’s School of Lifelong Learning, and has also taught private and corporate clients. Ms. Stokes divides her time between New York City and Niantic, Connecticut.

Book Information:
Paperback / softback, 496 pages  (also available in Electronic book text and Hardback )
ISBN: 9780761183808 (0761183809)
Published by Workman Publishing

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