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How to Write Effective Business English by Fiona Talbot

The book, How to Write Effective Business English by Fiona Talbot is an excellent guide to creating and writing some professional letters, notices and even messages to anyone you are speaking too. Fiona Talbot, the author did a wonderful job with this book! It's packed with all the needed information for those who type daily and always having to communicate to an entire office or just a single person, professionally. It's also good on a normal basis for anyone interested in learning to write and communicate better.
Many times it can be hard to get out of the friend texting or messaging, that everyone loves to do. Making it hard to get back to the real work world and typing up notices, documents, essays and so much more in a way that it would appeal to employees, coworkers and others that are going to review and receive it. That is why I'm so proud to have found a book, which isn't super huge and confusing to understand. It's actually very straight to the point, explaining the many writing styles and the many places you'll be sending these messages too. Since, now there are all types of ways to message someone, such as social media, text messaging, email, and even in person. Of course, it can be a bit tricky and yet this book covers each piece with complete details and best of all, the ending of each section is a checklist. Now, many books don't give you a helping hand, by providing you a checklist. To me, it's like having a cheat sheet. Honestly though, it really does come in hand and can be used every time you want to write a perfect letter, sent a perfect text or promote and share something written by you! 
Now, what I did learn from this book is how to provide the right information to the right crowd of people, which I normally put off. However, that can actually cause me to lose a position or not sound professional, if I'm talking as I would talk to a friend. I also now understand how to write a resume, a professional letter and even message others through social media that would explain and tell those what I'm trying to promote or address. Therefore, with the book, How to Write Effective Business English I can make sure my letters and messages are in tip-top shape before sending them. Some of those ways would be to give it a good check for any grammar mistakes, unwanted sentences and shorten it to the point. 
Therefore, I am not only understanding to send emails to others and giving them the information they want to hear without sounding childish, but I'm also learning to work my messages through social media, texting, faxing and in person. So yes, I feel this can really be a helpful book to own and change the way you write or communicate to others.
Information About The Author:
Fiona Talbot runs TQI Word Power Skills, a Business Writing Skills consulting firm.  She is the author of Make an Impact with Your Written English, Executive Writing Skills for Managers, and Improve Your Global Business English (Kogan Page).

Book Information:
Publisher: Kogan Page USA
ISBN: 9780749475550
Edition: Second Edition
Authors: Fiona Talbot
Format: Paper
Price: $22.95
Pages: 168
Trim, ins/illus: 5.5 x 8.5
Pub Date: 2/28/2016
Pub Year: 2016

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