Tuesday, February 16, 2016

First Time Sewing by Editors of Creative Publishing International

The book, First Time Sewing by Editors of Creative Publishing international is a perfect step by step guide to using the sewing machine. I always wanted a book that was easy to follow along with and this has simple to understand and has great amount of illustrations to cover each piece of material needed to work a certain stitch, use the machine and everything to do with sewing. Therefore, I'm so proud to have found this book, First Time Sewing. It covers everything I always wanted to understand and wanted to learn.
Inside the book, everything is organized very well from the Sewing Machine, the accessories, the supplies, fabric, pattern selection, marking and cutting, hand stitches, hems and other wonderful information. I must say the guidance with visual illustrations and not black and white, but in color. I love the detailed information to go along with each photo and how easy it is to follow along. So really with this book, many could understand it even if you're a true beginner and never used a sewing machine ever! Than again, that is why it's titled Absolute Beginners Guide! 
Now inside there is so much covered, which makes it easy for you and for myself. It doesn't have any confusing words or makes me unsure what to do next. I don't need to search online for extra help as this book includes it all! There is even pattern help inside, so I can begin creating once I get the basics down. There really isn't nothing I hate about this book.  So I can't wait to get to working on the projects and creating some fun pillows, table cloths and clothing, which are some of the ones included in this book.
So in the long run, I feel that this book is so easy to follow and gives me the guidance I need to understand everything about sewing. Therefore this book really does help! 
Information About The Author:
The Editors of Creative Publishing international have a long, successful history with sewing instruction books.

Book Information:
Author: Editors of Creative Publishing international
Format: Paperback, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9781589238046
Publisher: Creative Publishing international
Series: First Time

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