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De Dazzle - 18 Premium Paint Brushes with Palette Knife and Pop-up Stand Carry Case

The De Dazzle 18 set of Paint Brushes, Palette Knife and Pop-up Stand Carry Case is a wonderful set to travel with, to use inside or outside the home! I love how easy it is to bring all my brushes with me and have a stand to use, without having to carry a cup or something else to hold them all.
Turns into a stand with the velco attachments inside.
Very nice design that gives you a place to store, protect, and
easily access the brushes for use.
Now what I do enjoy best is that these paint brushes are very soft and can be used for Acrylic, Oil, Water, Face Paint and pretty much a bunch of other types! They also don't fall out of the brushes and are easy to spread the paint on any type of canvas. The different angles and sizes make it easy to get the design I need for any type of portrait painting or even floral. Also, if you take a look at the handles, they are nice and long. Sometimes having that long length allows me to reach easier than with a shorter brush. When I take a look at the case, I am always amazed by how clever the Velcro addition to it allows me to turn it from a storing unit to a stand. All I can say is the case is just magnificent! I love that the Velcro holds the angled shape, allowing me to use it as a stand. Afterwards, I can take it down and use it to store my brushes in order. 
Nice loop on top for carrying or hanging when not in use.
Now what many of these paint brush sets never include is the palette knife, which this does and that I think is awesome! So for a gift, for travel, for any reason at all, this is an excellent buy for under 36 dollars and free shipping!
What You Get Inside The Set:
  • 18 Oil, Gouche and Watercolor Paint Brushes with Different Variety and Sizes
    • Filbert Shape: Sizes 2, 4, 6, 10 
    • Angle Shaped: Size 3, 5, 7 
    • Round Shaped: Size 0, 2, 4 
    • Round Shaped (Long Hair): Size 0 
    • Flat Shaped: Size 1, 3, 7, 9, 1" 
    • Fan Shaped: Size 6, 8 
  • 1 Travel Case 
  • 1 Palette Knife 
  • Instructions for First Time Use and Storage 
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