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Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Bead Craftsby Amy Kopperude

The book, Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Bead Crafts  by Amy Kopperude is such a creative book of bead making, which the entire family could join in and create! The ideas inside are wonderful and a few I've always was curious to try out, are also included such as perler, paper beads and many more! Some of these wonderful beads that are included inside to make can be created into necklaces, bracelets or even earrings. The best part, is that if you have no beads or want to make your own, well inside there are projects teaching you how to create all types of beads from paper, clay, and even shrinky dinks! However, this book isn't all about creating beads, but instead it's also about creating real jewelry to wear!
I just adore how bright and attractive the colors are inside this book. The illustrations really are excellent in examples to what will be created with each project. Plus, the guidance of the text can really help out and on each project is a little yellow box with all the items needed to create and make these items. For a child or an adult, this is a book that anyone can use and love! I know I do! 
There are so much more things covered in this book, than many other bead books. It totally covers all types of materials needed before beginning and the many different techniques and types of jewelry that you can make. So I really found this book to be excellent for children and adults. It really is such a fun and creative book to take out during the weekend and get to work on making fun and classy styles of jewelry to wear. Finally, the fun of doing things with the family, young and old is always something that should be cherished. So to have a time to bond and do some crafts from this book is just something I love to do with my family. Therefore, I really love this book on bead crafting and I think the author did a wonderful job creating it!
Information About The Author:
Amy Kopperude was born and raised in Minnesota and influenced by a painting grandma, a quilting mom and brother, a guitar-playing dad, and other talented people who supported her creative growth. She lives in Red Lion, PA where she works for an educational publishing house as an editor and book layout designer. She is an avid crafter, dabbling in all kinds of media, and she sells her creations on Etsy. Visit her blog at http://www.atomicrose.blogspot.com where you can view her 365 beaded spiders.

Book Information:
Author: Amy Kopperude
Format: Paperback, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9781589238220
Publisher: Creative Publishing international
Series: Creative Kids

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