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Business Writing What Works, What Won't by Wilma Davidson & Foreword by Janet Emig

The book, Business Writing by Wilma Davidson and  Foreword by Janet Emig is actually a newer version since the first one published in 1994. This is a book to guide you into writing better for companies, jobs and pretty much any reason you may be sending important emails, texts, social media shares and much more! It's basically your teacher in a book for online business letters, notices and simple ways to capture the audience you are trying to reach or target with the words that you use and how you use them in the sentence.
I believe this book is very well written and has included plenty of useful information for social media and normal emails that may be written to attract attention or send a notice to another. It has everything you would need to know, so you will sound like a true professional and allow everyone to understand what you are bringing to the table or trying to tell the people you are communicating too.  It definitely will help you get noticed, without making them second guess your capabilities in the position you were given or confused with what you're trying to say. Inside is full of helpful illustrations and examples, with some cute little cartoons, charts and anecdotes to illustrate what need to understand to create the best document, letter or notice. Plus, the book with all these interesting examples and cartoons, will keep you entertain to want to continue to read the book and learn.
I don't think only adults can find use in this book, but teens who want to write or those who want to get a great career. It can be very helpful and improve your skills and teach you so much more about correctly writing to a crowd of people or just a single person. The guidance inside is excellent and very well organized, from different sections of the business world. So it's easy to find what you want to study and look at if you need to go back over it or what you may want to learn more about and understand. I think it's an excellent book! The information is perfect for what I needed and very much a great way to get me more jobs easier than lose out, by the wordings or emails I send.

I must confess, sometimes I don't write my emails to professional companies perfectly. Instead, I act as if I'm talking to a friend or pal. So to rethink that and improve how I write to the right people, with correct spelling and punctuation can really come in handy for me. So I definitely would suggest this book for business, teens, adults that work, and anyone that owns a computer. It's an excellent book and I highly recommend it!
Information About The Author:
Wilma Davidson, Ed. D. is a writing and presentation-skills coach. Her clients include corporations throughout the Fortune 500. She is the author of Most Likely to Succeed at Work: How to Get Ahead at Work Using Everything You Learned in High School, Writing a Winning College Application Essay and Business Writing: What Works, What Won't. She lives in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, and Longboat Key, Florida.

Book Information:
St. Martin's Press
St. Martin's Griffin
December 2015
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9781250075499
ISBN10: 1250075491
6.93 x 9.06 inches,
Includes black-and-white charts, graphs, and illustrations throughout

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