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Ancient Egyptian Magic by Eleanor Harris & Normandi Ellis

The book, Ancient Egyptian Magic by Eleanor Harris and Normandi Ellis is extremely helpful with understanding and learning about Egyptian Magic and it's Religion. The book is organized very well with each chapter giving you all the information you need on the tools that are used, Amulets, the Magical Script, Divination, and of course the Ancient Egyptian Magic.  Also, many books don't give you the Gods and Goddesses used in their books, but this actually includes a full glossary of each one you would love to know about in the Egyptian Religion.

Now, what attracted me most to the Ancient Egyptian Magic Book was that it's beliefs and how they are more open minded and respective to others. They wouldn't force their beliefs on each other and  always had respect for others. There Plus, I think ever since school I did admire the history of Egypt and it's many Gods they believed in and just the way they constructed and did things. It just amazed me! So, I really was intrigued to learn more about this book and being interested in Magic Studies, I just knew that this might be something that would give me some incite on Egypt and Magic as well
When you do begin to look into the book, you'll notice how very organized it is. You can find every part of information from each chapters needed to get the information you seek. As mentioned above.  Plus, if you are looking for the definition to some of the words used in the book, the Gods and Goddesses, and even the Egyptian Resources all found in the back of the book. The Authors did a great job making sure the book really takes the time to cover everything from beginning to end. 
I absolutely loved reading this book! I just was so inspired to try some of the spells and learn more about the way they used oil or even water to scry and used dreams to seek visions. I mean, I loved how different the Egyptians used magic to find what they were looking for, to provide protection, to heal and pretty much to survive. The information is just marvelous and very uplifting to me. When you think there can only be one way to do things, well that isn't always true. Instead, there is always a few new ways to find out about and this book has shed some light on that thought for me. Therefore, I highly recommend this book for those interested in Egyptian Magic, it's a great read!
Information About The Authors:
Eleanor Harris has studied and practiced Egyptian divination and magic for more than 20 years. She inherited interest in Egyptian religion and magic from her father. Eleanor has been active in a contemporary Egyptian "House of Life," which is dedicated to teaching and practicing traditional Egyptian magic. She earned her title Qematet en Tehuti, "Priestess of Thoth," by authoring literary works, lecturing, and providing workshops for interested students. Her other books are The Crafting and Use of Ritual Tools and Pet Loss: A Spiritual Guide, both published by Llewellyn.
Normandi Ellis teaches writing at the university level and has studied Egyptian language and literature for many years. She is the author of Dreams of Isis: A Woman's Spiritual Sojourn and an award-winning collection of short stories, Sorrowful Mysteries.

Book Information:
Ancient Egyptian Magic
Eleanor L Harris, Foreword by Normandi Ellis
ISBN: 9781578635917
Book (Paperback)
Weiser Books
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
240 pages
January 1, 2016
Previously Published As: Ancient Egyptian Divination and Magic

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