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A Lapidary of Sacred Stones by Claude Lecouteux

The book, A Lapidary of Sacred Stones by Claude Lecouteux is just terrific! It's not your original, everyday benefit book of stones. Instead, this is like taking these specific Gem Stones and using them for old known magical purposes. Some books are great to help you understand the benefits of Gem Stones, but they're more about the recent findings or similar to what use to be known about them. In my opinion, the older versions and ones that were known in history is what I'm interested in learning about!
The inside of this book is easily organized with over 800 Gem stones that are known and some that you might have never been heard of, but each are listed in alphabetical order. Each of them are also listed with their definition, which defines what they were known for or look like . The information found in this book is from the past of people who used or trusted the power of the gemstone. So you can just imagine, that ring or necklace you may be wearing could have this wonderful power to heal or inspire you and protect you in some way. I mean it's possible that this book might hold original truths of all Gem Stones, that worked for others in the past and why they have placed all the claims of what these gems can do down on paper.
I just for some reason love that this book because it includes earlier sources of definitions on these gems. Many books include newer and can be changed from book to book, but this book by Claude Lecouteux actually holds older definitions and uses of these stones. There are actually a  few mentioned that are very interesting, some includes a stone that will stop the dog from barking or the ability to improve memory, used for massage treatments, help with disease, heal and just so much! Therefore, what you do get in this book is plenty of information on so many different to similar stones, since it's going over 800 and most that we know from the jewelry we wear.
So the next time I wear that emerald, quartz or any stone, I'll least know I might be using it for a beneficial purpose rather than just for a special piece to complete my outfit! Therefore, I really enjoyed this book, it's extremely beneficial and just a great way to get some insight to the old claims of real gemstones at work!
Information About The Author:
CLAUDE LECOUTEUX is a former professor of medieval literature and civilization at the Sorbonne. He is the author of numerous books on medieval and pagan beliefs, including The Secret History of Poltergeists and Haunted Houses and The Secret History of Vampires. He lives in Paris.

Book Information:
Hardcover: 376 pages
Publisher: Inner Traditions; Reprint edition (December 4, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1594774633
ISBN-13: 978-1594774638
Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.2 x 9 inches

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