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2016 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market by Mary Burzlaff Bostic

The book, 2016 Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market by Mary Burzlaff Bostic is something all artists that want to sell on the market should have! The book really fills in all the questions when it comes to selling and placing art in the market place or just setting up. There is information that will keep things organized and everything pretty much on track, leaving less stress on you and more cash in your pocket!
It's always great to get an idea how to sell and make money for what I can create! I notice many books on the market that help others, who are interested in selling their crafts. Basically, these books reflect on the authors positive steps taken to get payed and noticed. However, with so many on the market, I never knew which one would be best to give me the exact amount of information I need to get my art career going. So, when I came upon this book, 2016 Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market it really brought me so much more incite to the many places you can share your art with the world and get paid.  It also has explained the many different tips and ideas on getting myself started. There are parts in this book that explain how to get funded and even keeping track of being paid. You also learn the best ways to promote your work to get attention and selling without the need of begging for someone to buy your work. 
In all, this book is huge with over 600 pages, but it's packed with all sorts of useful information. So for me, this book is a dream! Since, I needed to know how and where to begin, as I'm stuck in the mindset of what to do next, after I create something. I know I want to sell and earn a living with my own career as an artist, but I never had a way to get it going. Therefore, after getting a look into this book, which I'm still reading, I feel more at ease and ready to start finding my place to open up business and getting my art out there for sale! This book, may be the answer to anyone who is interested in making cash and sharing their art with the world. It's definitely an updated book, 2016 version from all the others before it. So it will help cover some new and old information that all artists need to know and the places you can begin selling!
Information About The Author:
Mary Burzlaff Bostic, Cincinnati, OH, is also the editor of Photographer's Market and ArtistsMarketOnline.com. She is a graduate of Georgetown College and the University of Cincinnati.

Book Information:
Series: Market
Paperback: 672 pages
Publisher: North Light Books; 41 edition (November 16, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 144034261X
ISBN-13: 978-1440342615
Product Dimensions: 7 x 1.8 x 9.1 inches

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North Light Shop - 2016 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market by Mary Burzlaff Bostic

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