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TV Antenna, Amplified HDTV Antenna - BACRON

Here is something different that I really found to be great for watching all different TV shows with. The TV Antenna by Bacron is actually a nice designed TV Box that gives you free HDTV channels, like ABC, NBC, PBS, Fox and many more.Th e cool part is that it's all free!
Light weight and thin TV Antenna
Two cords to plug in
Now the design of this box is just that a slim box, you hook up inside your home. It comes with a 16.5 foot cable, which is perfect for grabbing some great reception from anyplace in the house. So the box can easily be placed by  the window, without me placing my Television across the room to a window to get the shows to appear. It is just so much easier, when you're given that much cable. Also, it's super simple to setup! Just plug it in, position the antenna to get good reception and scan for channels. That is all you need to do to use this box, very easy and fast!
Adhesive bottom allows it to be placed in a window or anyplace.
Scanning for channels. Where I live I have 6 channels available, when it finished.
Now for color, the box is actually reversible with a side of black and white. So it can be a great way to match the home or just for a choice of color you want to view. However, this is a light weight, thin designed box and doesn't take up much space. It really can be placed anywhere from the wall, desk, window, table and pretty much anyplace to get a good reception and avoid being in the way.

So for quality, I would have to say this is excellent. To have HDTV shows without the blurry or lines, is great and that I can watch for FREE! Therefore, when I use this on the TV I have nothing hooked up too it, I can not many, but a few of my favorite shows without the need of buying cable, since the Bacron TV Antenna sends me the shows I love, with an easy set up and no cost!
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