Tuesday, January 12

Tomameri Portable MP4 Players

The Tomameri Portable MP4 Players are super easy to use and plays great! Their music comes out clear, with the included earbuds.  The color is of a a light, metallic blue, but can be also black and many others. Since, Tomaermi makes many different colors and designed MP4 players. These versions come with a 16 GB memory card. 

In my opinion, I love that there not a huge music player. Instead, they are a light weight, slim designed MP4 with decent sound and all under 25 dollars plus free shipping.
They can make a perfect gift option, travel product, and can be used for viewing ebooks, photos, videos, voice recording and of course listening to saved music files.

Therefore, they're a great buy for anyone who wants a simple product with great sound and works well.

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