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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Witchcraft & Practical Magic by Susan Greenwood, Raje Airey

The book, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Practical Magic by Susan Greenwood and Raje Airey is just an excellent book with everything you need to know about witchcraft and magic. It covers everything from history, culture and about 60 spells, charms, rituals, as well as visual guidance of those using these exact spells or rituals. So inside your not only going to learn and understand the world of witch craft from how it was in the past till now, but be able to try some of these wonderful spells and rituals for yourself! I am a huge fan of witchcraft and always admire books that help me understand it even more and learn from them, every chance I get. Therefore, I was excited with all the great detailed information placed inside this encyclopedia. It pretty much covers everything that is needed to be known.
Plus, what I find useful with this guidance, is that if you're a solitary practitioner or someone who just is curious about witchcraft. It will not only help you learn about the history and where it began, but how to actually perform these rituals, work with spells and you can even work with others if you want to use in a group. You really get a deep feeling of the culture and how the practice of magic started and changed throughout the years.
I think what I never seen in many recent books, was much detail to the history of magic used around the world, which is really helpful and allowing me to understand a lot more. However, t I think what makes this my favorite guide to witchcraft is that it includes actual images to take me step by step through how these rituals and spells are done. I mean many books are great and helpful, but without a visual I sometimes get lost and lose interest.  Also, that it's all you need to cover everything from Fairies to the main topic magic. Therefore, with this book I can't seem to put it down because it's just too inspiring and full of useful information that covers all of my questions!
Like if you're interested in understanding the tools that are used in witchcraft, how to use spells, what about the moon and it's different cycles, and so much more, well this book has it and in the 500 plus pages, it will definitely cover every single piece of information.
Therefore, I would really suggest this as a great book for beginners and those that want to have a way to remember or recall things that they might of forgot or need to know more about. 
Excellent book!
Information About The Authors:
Dr Susan Greenwood is an anthropologist with a long-term interest in the study of magic and religion. She gained her doctorate from Goldsmiths College, University of London for her research on contemporary magicians, and has lectured and written widely on magic, witchcraft and shamanism. Dr Greenwood has also written studies on magic, witchcraft and the otherworld, nature religion, and continues her research work into contemporary magicians and pagan practices. 

Raje Airey has written and edited several books on a wide range of mystical subjects, including magic, dowsing, Tarot, dream therapy and signs and symbols. Raje has a broad knowledge of many esoteric traditions, teaches Tarot for beginners and runs dream workshops. For the second half of this volume, Raje has gathered together the wisdom and experience of several experts in the field of natural magic, spellweaving and witchcraft to create a wealth of practical advice

Book Information:
Paperback: 512 pages
Publisher: Southwater; Ill edition (September 7, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1780194307
ISBN-13: 978-1780194301
Product Dimensions: 6.6 x 1.2 x 8.6 inches

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