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Teyeleec - Canon Shutter and 2 Monocular Reviews

The Sidande LCD Time Lapse Remote Control Shutter is very handy when it comes to taking a photo with my Canon Camera. Instead of pressing the button on the camera, I can go a little bit of a distance and snap it even with me in the photo! The design makes it super simple for all to use. You just plug it into the camera, and press the button. However, make sure to have 2 triple A batteries installed before using. 

You can snap so many photos at a time if you'd like. I's super simple to setup and easy enough for a beginner, learning to take photos with a DSLR. The best part, this camera is able to work with multiple Canon types, which is listed below. Finally, I do find this to be a easy product that makes taking a photo simple and fun! Plus, it doesn't add much weight to your camera bag, since it's super light weight.

*Compatible Camera Model For Canon*

7D, 6D, 5D2, 5D3, 5D, 50D, 40D, 30D, 20D, 10D, 1D, 1DX, 1Ds Mark3, 1Ds MarkIV, D60, 30 1v, EOS-1v, HS EOS-3 
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Pocket size Monocular is what this product is! It's easy to handle with one hand, small enough to carry in a pocket or purse and allows you to view the object of interest up close!
It's small size doesn't take away from the distance you can see. I love how clear the lens are and the design of the product is soft and non-slip that it doesn't irritate the hand for holding on
so long or cause it to slip right out of your hands. Instead, you have a well built Monocular that shows HD images right in front of you, while their distances away.
I can really check the bird's nest out in my backyard on a tall tree, players at a Hockey Game or pretty much anything at a distance. However, I use this it works great to view  things close up and so lightweight to take any place! By the way, you get everything you need for the Monocular by Teyeleec, such as the lens cloth, lanyard for safe holding around the neck.
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This is a cool HD Monocular, which allows you to telescope it from a small pocket size design to a longer Monocular. It gives you more of a spot on view of any object, weather at a concert, sporting event, or outdoors. No matter where this is used, it takes a great capture of the image you viewing from a distance and brings it right to you. 
I absolutely love the monocular style. It has such a clear lens, making it feel like I'm right near by, when really I'm far away from the object. It's telescoping handle allows me to zoom in closer and get a great focus of the object I'm focusing on from where I stand. No matter the distance, each item comes in clean and clear.
Features of the Qanliiy Telescoping Monocular:  
  • Pocket size, Lightweight, and Compact Portable Design
  • Stretch length scope- 5 inch 7.5 inch  
  • Dual Focus - Stretch and Rotate Focuses 
  • Non-Slip Grip 
  • Bright and Clear Range of View    
  • 10-90X25 Super Magnification Steady Viewing 
  • Optics Zoom Scalable Telescopic 0.5m/ 3000m 
  • UL TRA Clear BAK-4 Prism glass Multi-layer green broadband coating technology, make you see the scene more realistic 

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