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Spectacular Nail Art by LaritLevy

The book, Spectacular Nail Art  by LaritLevy is just fabulous! This is a full book of colorful and magnificent designs for the nails on your hands or even toes. I really was interested in the book right away, when I seen the the cover with the different designs illustrated on front. I knew it had to be good and always wanted some inspiration to do something new with my nails, at home.
I found the book to be an exciting take on different nail art and it really is a great way to save cash, do my nails at home and be creative! The styles and designs inside can be great for adults, children and pretty much any girl of any age. The detailed steps and illustration really helps provide me guidance, while working on my nails. So I know I have some reassurance that I'm doing the design correctly. Plus, I don't need to look online for inspiration, when I have a book with all the information I need to know. It's something I will be using often to get some great looking nails every single day if I want!
The one I love is the leopard spots, but honestly I love them all! Each is great for a night out, casual style and just everyday looks. There really isn't anything than having a great set of nails to go with the outfit or just to make your self-esteem raise up a few notches! Since, I always noticed when I do my nails or do anything to add a little dazzle to my natural look, I always feel better. So to be able to do my nails and make them look gorgeous is just something that makes me feel great! Finally, this is just a wonderful book and I highly recommend it!

Information About The Author:
Larit Levy worked as a writer and editor for over a decade, both online and for some of Israel’s forefront independent publications. Six years ago, she cofounded a nail spa in Tel Aviv that offers various beauty treatments and she continues to co-manage the business today.

Book Information:
ISBN: 9781623540258
ISBN: 978-1-60734-778-1 EPUB
ISBN: 978-1-60734-699-9 PDF
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Page count: 80
8 x 9

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