Friday, January 15

Seneo 2.4Ghz Mini Touchpad Keyboard with USB Interface Adapter, Backlit LED

The Seneo 2.4Ghz Mini Touchpad Keyboard is wonderful for many different game systems and computers. Plus, it works with your Android phone! I love that I can sync it up with either my PS3 or Xbox360 to type in usernames, emails, passwords, and so much more. It's just easier and the same for my small smart phone, no more on phone keyboard for me.
What I love about the design is that this keyboard is shaped to fig in my hands. Almost, it looks to me like a handheld game system or controller. It's curved design allows it to fit comfortably in my hands, while I type in and even us the tiny mouse pad on top to move the cursor.  The black and LED Lighting makes it very sleek and stylish, while the lights give me an easier view in the dark or near dark room while using the keyboard.
Everything on the Seneo is easy to read and detect as if you're reading it off a regular computer keyboard, it's very similar just smaller. Therefore, I think this is just a wonderful product and such a great item to own! It works with so many electronics and so easy to sync up to the devices. Plus no batteries needed, it's rechargeable!

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