Saturday, January 2

Rossimoda Set of 2 Leathercraft Round Wood Edge Slicker Multi-size Burnisher

These are excellent Wood Edge Slickers by Rossimoda and they aren't just great only for DIY leather crafts, but for embossing, shaping and carving too. The size is perfect and easy to handle, while working with my leather projects. However, the one thing that I enjoy most about this tool set, is that the wood is super thick and not easy to break. I can grip on to them and use them to go across the leather material I use for my homemade bags. The two in the set is terrific, while many are sold separate. I always enjoy real wood and this set is wonderful for my leather and other crafting needs. 
Few things I do want to point out, which make them perfect for me:
  • 2 Set - get two nice Wood Slickers
  • Durable, Strong wood  - Thick pieces of wood
  • Multi functional - Many different uses, such as pushing out leather when carving with embossing
  • Several sized widths on the handle - Able to fit different size pieces of leather or whatever other project it may be used for.

Finally, these are excellent and perfect for my hobby/job.

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