Monday, January 18

Rii Mini K09 Mini Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

The Rii Mini Keyboard is such a portable and multi-useful keyboard! I love that this product works great with all devices. You can connect it to an Android phone, Mac PC, Window's PC, iOS, iPhone and so on! It really works on all different devices and all you need is just one keyboard, if you have multiple items that you would like to type on.
I find this to be the best solution when it comes to my phone, as I really don't mind to type on the keyboard, which is tiny and takes longer than a regular keyboard on my PC. Therefore, this fold-able, mini keyboard allows me to simply type up notes, send tweets, chat with others and so much other things as if I'm using a real size computer keyboard. Each key is able to be pressed, without being a few seconds to show the result on screen. I found nothing wrong with this product, after opening and using and closing back up. It's simple, portable and just a lovely sleek silver color. Plus, It doesn't take up any space, when not in use. I can easily fold it and place it away.

Finally, for a fold-able, rechargeable and Bluetooth mini Keyboard I really do like the product and find it so nicely designed!

Package Included: 
1 x Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard 
1 x USB charging cable 
1 x User Manual

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