Wednesday, January 6

Eggsnow 26 Mix Size Makeup Brushes Air Drying Tree Rack

This is such an excellent Makeup drying rack by Eggsnow! I absolutely wish I bought one earlier, as it keeps my brushes from staying wet and drying so much faster. The holes are the perfect size for each brush I have. The thicker and larger holes allow me to fit the biggest brushes with thick handles into, while the smaller ones are perfect for the mascara and eyeliner brushes. Also, I never have to worry about damaged bristles or a place to dry them all seperately.  Plus it stores easily and I can take it places, when I travel! 
Before I did receive the product, I first almost thought this might not last for a long term, because I wasn't sure of the material. However, when it arrived I was surprised to see that it's made of a silicone material, which can be easily cleaned, washed and reused. Also, that it's more flexible so it won't break as easy.
Finally, the entire product is very nicely created, and just an excellent innovative idea for makeup brushes. I probably should buy a few for my friends, as this is just excellent!
I don't know what it is, but this is just something I really love!

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