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Divine Love Astrology Revealing Spiritual Truth for Personal Transformation by Shiva Das and Mercy Ananda

The book, Divine Love Astrology  by  Shiva Das and Mercy Ananda is huge and packed with great guidance to understanding Astrology.It's got everything from what it exactly is and can do for you, as well as history. However, what I wanted most of all is to understand how to use it to predict and reveal personal information about everyone and even myself! Again, it's a huge book, but with this great book there is so much information that you wouldn't need anything else to use to look up information for about Astrology. Plus, all the zodiac wheels are included inside with nice illustrated photos. 
What I love is that each zodiac sign is explained and what planet, sign and exactly what kind physical and emotional features that you may have for being any one of the zodiac signs. I actually am a Taurus, which is said to be artistic, persistent, and capable producers. I have to say that is totally me! I am very creative and love art, but I do tend to be persistent and always asking for things and it doesn't leave my mind till I get someone to say yes. However, this is totally me. I really love to keep to work and do what I do best art!
It's strange to see that our birthdays actually match up perfectly with the right zodiac sign and similar characteristics. However, this book covers it all and so much more information that I can consider it to be a bible on Astrology. So definitely if you ever wanted to learn about Astrology and want a good book, than this is one to look into.
Information About The Author:
Shiva Das and Mercy Ananda both held a longtime interest in and exploration of spirituality and astrology before meeting twenty-five years ago. Their union has helped them to focus on the spiritual way of viewing astrology and life. Originally a side interest to their involvement in family yoga, astrology has evolved for them into a professional endeavor and way of life that has grown to complement their interests in yoga and yoga philosophy. Das and Ananda currently live and work at yoga teacher training institute Yandara in Baja, Mexico where they offer astrology readings daily.

Book Information:
Paperback: 776 pages
Publisher: North Atlantic Books (October 21, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1583948554
ISBN-13: 978-1583948552
Product Dimensions: 8 x 1.8 x 10 inches

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