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Digi 1st TC-890 Digital and TC-04 Hand Tally Counter Reviews

The Digi 1st TC-890 Digital Tally Counter is such a wonderful way to keep count and can be used for so many sports, hobbies and even while working out. The product itself is very easy to use and even handle. I have had no problem using one hand to tally every time. The best part of this device, is that it's a digital Tally Counter by Digi 1st has a great variety of Tally Counters, and this is just one of their newest type that allows you a easy way to read and keep count with the large digital display.
I basically use mine for keeping count in games and also sometimes I use it for crafting as it helps me keep count to the rounds I've done so far on crocheting. I know very different than using for sports, but still very useful for many different things and I personally just enjoy the way it helps me succeed in my crafting.However, any way this device is used, it can be very handy and helpful!
Features I love best about the Digi 1st Tally Counter:
  • Easy to Read - Nice large numbers that digitally display.
  • Simple to Use - Just a few buttons, which allow you the ability to count down or up and even reset with a press of a button.  Plus, you can set the numbers ahead of time.
  • Lock Features - A feature that holds on to the last tally counted, so when you come back it'll be ready for you and you won't need to remember it.
  • Breakaway Lanyard - Allows it to be placed around the neck, freeing the hands up. Plus, it is able to break off, if you need it off fast, without destroying anything.
  • Silent Operation - Quiet and not noisy as many may be with the clicks.
Finally, this is a wonderful Tally Product by Digi 1st and so useful for multiple sports and things that you want to keep count with.
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The TC-04 is another wonderful and easy to use Tally counter by Digi 1st. I find this to be useful just as much as the digital one mentioned above, but with out the use of batteries as it is just a simple gadget that you move. The benefit of the Digi 1st Hand Tally Counter is that you can use it anyplace, and no worries of batteries or need to power it on! Instead, you can start tallying right away. It can easily be turned back to 0000 and allows you to tally as much as you like up, with one button located above the hand tally counter. Afterwards, to reset the entire counter back to the starting point, 0000 you just twist the side knob and it goes all the way to the final amount you can tally up too which is 9999 and than back to 0000. 
It's not difficult to use, not hard to understand and it just works! So if you're playing a game, doing some type of sports or anything that requires a way to keep score or count, than this is excellent! I find it great with hobbies as well as sports. So it's always useful around my home. However, my favorite part is that it's simple to use and fits in my palm, which I only need that one hand to start tallying. Plus, there is a ring on the top, which allows you to hold it safely without dropping it(makes it even easier to handle in one hand)!
Finally, this is something that really makes life a little bit easier when it comes to counting or keeping count, so I would definitely recommend this tally counter by Digi 1st!
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