Friday, January 8

AmoVee Travel Bottles Refillable Leak Proof Silicone Bottles

The Refillable AmoVee Bottles are excellent for storing homemade liquids, soaps, lotions and pretty much any type of product you'd like! What I love is that the silicone that they are made of, allows me to easily squeeze out every last drop and it's super simple to clean. 
Now the product is simply designed, so it's very easy to get in any liquid your adding. However,
you can simply just be taking some shampoo or conditioner from a larger bottle and insert it right into these, either way it all works! So it totally makes a perfect way to travel with your hair products and body creams. Plus,the loop on top makes it easy to hold and even place on a hook instead of taking up space on the counter.
What you get with this product is a reusable set of 3 travel bottles, which are safe to use and made with food grade silicone. There is no problem with leakage, as the bottles are very well built and sealed once the lid is tighten back on after inserting the liquid of choice. The clear bottles allow you to see what is inside and how much is left, before needing to refill or clean.
Finally, this is just a terrific product and works wonders while on vacation or even just in the home.
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