Sunday, January 10, 2016

Amorus 88 Keys USB MIDI Flexible Roll-up Electronic Piano

I really have to say that for a Roll-Up Electronic Piano, this plays very well! The keys, each respond once pressed and no freezing up or dull tune. I have been very interested in a electronic piano for a while, but no room to put it! However, this wonderful roll-up Piano by Amorus, keeps it stored safely, doesn't take up much space and is very portable! 
Flexible Piano
Features I love about the Amorus 88 Keys USB Flexible Keyboard:
  • Portable - Simply rolls up, and comes with everything in a size that doesn't take up so much space, while traveling or moving it from one place to another.
  • Design - Like a real keyboard, but flat and stores easier! There is a few ports to insert an MP3 player, headphones and few other goodies. Plus, 88 keys to play, nice size keys similar to a real keyboard and one side has the main controls.
    • A Few of the Control Functions:
      • Adjust volume - high or low
      • Record - save a performance
      • Tempo - adjust the keys speed
      • Tones, Rhythms, Demonstration Songs - Can change the sound of each key.
      • MP3  - Use with a music player 
  • Quality in Sound and Product - The sound is just like those pricey, high quality, professional keyboards. The sound comes out crystal clear, I can hear the music through any of the headphones I attach or even without. The keys are nice in size and can be pressed normally, not super hard to get it to play a note. Plus, each key plays the same amount of sound, without one being too light to hear or not playing instantly after being pressed. 
  • Foot Pedal- A foot pedal is included with this keyboard, which many others have you purchasing it separately. 
  • Easy To Use - Very fun for everyone in the family and even great for professionals, also as a gift!
  • Affordable - Very affordable for the price of a regular non-roll up style and other brands of 88 key keyboard that do the same thing!
Pedal and Power Cord
Ports for Headphone, Power Cord, MP3 Player and Pedal
Finally, I am very happy with this product!  I do like the ability to play the drums on the keyboard or change the sounds of each key with a press of a button! Therefore, for the quality in music, the keys respond perfectly, acts like a real keyboard, great for entire family and very affordable!

Video Review
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