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Ultimate Dog Grooming by Eileen Geeson, Barbara Vetter, and Lia Whitmore

The book, Ultimate Dog Grooming by Eileen Geeson, Barbara Vetter, and Lia Whitmore is a wonderfully illustrated and fully explained book on each and every dog, well known and a few new ones! I actually just took a course in Dog Grooming to be certified, and this book has everything I need to perfectly groom all types of dogs, from all of the different groups such as hounds, terriers, herding and much more! The book is so easy to follow and full of illustrations with text to guide me through every procedure.  With the 500 illustrated photos, and information on every dog I feel even more comfortable to continue training and able to remember different style cuts with dogs I haven't yet practiced on. 
You are really getting so many different detailed illustrations for each dog and information on how to just trim, cut or give some breeds a new creative look verse the traditional clean grooming. I mean, now I can try to be creative and give a cut like a tattoo style, pin stripping, and so much more thanks to this book! Also one thing you will have in this book is a full detailed writing of each dog, not a small piece. So you are being informed and understanding the many styles and ways to trim or cut the dog, plus cleaning and grooming it like a dog should be groomed. That is mainly the major reason I found this book to be excellent! It covers everything and every type of dog, which I'm sure there are more being breed together in the world, but for now the most recent can be found and learned in this book.

Finally, as the second edition it's packed with so much wonderful material and photos to new dogs that have popped up! Many are the Cockerpoo, Goldendoodle, and even the Labradoodle. They are all so adorable and yet now I know the perfect way to groom them and have the customer as happy as they arrived! Right now, I get tons of practice on my chihuahuas as I own two, but my friends and family members now know that I've taken the course and plan to open up shop, that they are going to bring their dogs to me to groom. So with this book in my hands, I can now succeed on giving each dog their perfect cut and keep them looking great and healthy for years to come!
Information About The Author:
Eileen Geeson has been a dog groomer for more than 40 years. Barbara Vetter owned her own grooming shop for 20 years and has been secretary at the Colorado Professional Pet Groomers Association. Lia Whitmore has served on the board of the Colorado Professional Pet Groomers' Association as director, vice president, and president.

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