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The Mobile Application Hacker's Handbook by Dominic Chell, Tyrone Erasmus, Shaun Colley, & Ollie Whitehouse

The book, The Mobile Application Hacker's Handbook by Dominic Chell, Tyrone Erasmus, Shaun Colley, and Ollie Whitehouse is a huge book! However, with this size book,  it's packed with all things about protecting mobile devices and even learn some ways hackers(the bad kind)
can grab all of your information and personal files. Also, there is even information about data storage, cryptography, injection attacks, disrupt, and just a bunch of attacks that can cause problems. 

I always was interested in hacking for the good, yet there are those that love to use it for the bad. Therefore, I felt if I could protect myself by understanding hacking than maybe I'll never find myself in a bad mobile situation! However, many books are all about the PC and computer files or sites being hacked, but this book deals with the Android, Blackberry, iOS, and even Window devices that are use even more than the computer now a days. It's just scary how easy things can be hacked and this book explains the many different vulnerabilities of the mobile applications that can leak out data and allow others to reach in and grab it! I think for a huge book, this will keep me informed every time I want to run test, to figure out if my phone has been disrupt or how to repair and protect from anything trying to grab and steal my data. 
I know this is great for those who are in the field of Security Penetration or others for devices and computers, but I figure it should be something even the beginner needs to know or one who wants to understand how to prevent and provide protection for a device used every single day.
Now like I said this book is huge about 800 plus pages. So each part of the book is detailed to prevent, stop and provide protection on all mobile devices. However, I love that if I ever get or have to help another who has a phone that I might not have, than I can help use the tips and guidance of this book to help secure and prevent anything. It's one of those books that will stay in my home for a long time. Plus, knowing how the world is going, that there will be more adjustments and upgrades to phones as well as hackers getting smarter finding loop holes to get your information and important files. 
So, yes this book may be huge and not the typical beginners guide, but it will inform you and help you understand what you need to do, to prevent hackers from stealing and disrupting your mobile devices!
Information About The Authors:
DOMINIC CHELL is a director of MDSec and a recognized expert in mobile security, providing training to leading global organizations.

TYRONE ERASMUS is an expert on Android security and heads Mobile Practice at MWR InfoSecurity SA.

SHAUN COLLEY is a security consultant and researcher at IOActive specializing in mobile security and reverse engineering.

OLLIE WHITEHOUSE is Technical Director with NCC Group who has previously worked for BlackBerry and Symantec specialising in mobile security.

Book Information:
Print Length: 816 pages
Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (February 17, 2015)
Publication Date: February 17, 2015
Language: English

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