Wednesday, December 30

SuperEze Ice Cream & Potato Scoop Stainless Steel by SuperEze

The Super Eze Scoop is so nice for creating perfect round equal size cookies. The scoop makes the perfect ball shape around, giving me the same size and shape of each dessert and treat I'm using it for! I love that it's stainless steel, keeps the flavors from absorbing so I can use it with any meal and doesn't rust! This is something that will last for me a long time ago.
The easy to place design is excellent and so is the comfortable handle.  It's not frustrating, doesn't cause me pain in my hands or take too much effort to make a delicious meal and perfect shaped scoop, with this gadget!
I always seen these being used and to finally own one, I'm glad I have it! It's not the typical scoop and it has so much less effort to place ice cream, place the cookie dough, or place anything down on a tray that I'm cooking with or in my bowl! I don't know how to really explain it, but it's just easier to use than a regular scoop and gives me that professional cook style baking I want to present with at any party!

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