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Sumsonic COCA+ Mini HD 1080p Digital Video Action Camera Camcorder with Smart Remote, WI-FI, Magnetic/Sticky Mounting

The Sumsonic Mini HD Digital Video Action Camera is a wonderful Camcorder, very small and travels well! You can use this as many of the fun action cameras on the market, with it's HD recording, the pictures and videos come out like you were there when you were taking them. It has a nice wide size lens to capture a great amount of the area around you, 145 degrees. The built in battery allows you to charge it up easily. 
Features of the Sumsonic Mini HD Digital Video Action Camera:

  • Magnetic mount and sticky -► Allows you to attach to many different surfaces, to capture those videos/photos.
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery -► Saves money on batteries, but it really allows you 80 minutes recording time for 3 hours charge.
  • 145 Degree Lens and 8MP CMOS Sensor -► Allows clear and lets you captures a large amount of the scenery around you.
  • WiFi and Free App -► Gives you the ability to watch what action shots taken and captured on your phone
  • Remote -► Simply to start and stop the camera from the remote included.
Finally, this is an excellent action camera that works just like great and comes in such a tiny size as well as in a blue color!

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