Tuesday, December 29

Rii BT09 Ultra Slim Portable Wireless Mini Bluetooth Keyboard For All Devices

The Rii BT09 Ultra Slim Wireless Keyboard is excellent!  This makes just for a perfect way to type to others instead of using the devices on screen keyboard. It's so much easier and I don't mess up with the letters and spelling, when I can use a real keyboard, which allows me to type faster too! I had this for awhile now and am very impressed by the quick way it connects to my tablet and phone. I don't need to worry about downloading any app or drive, when it's Bluetooth connection.
Few things I love about this keyboard:
  • The Tablet is easy to charge, which a cord is included.
  • The keyboard has all the letters and numbers, with the size of a normal keyboard.
  • Comfortable angle to type on, when sitting on a flat surface.
  • Easy to write and type on the keyboard, than the tablet or phone itself.
Therefore, I am so happy to have this for my new tablet, it makes the perfect gift even better!

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