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Nova Microdermabrasion 5in1 High Frequency Galvanic Vacuum Spray Spot Removal Facial Care Beauty Machine

The Nova Microdermabrasion 5 in 1 Machine is excellent with all that's included to make the skin and keep the skin beautiful! I can tell from the beginning that with this machine using all of the pieces, I noticed my skin firming up, looking healthier, brighter and full of life! I feel like my skin is glowing more often and I look like ages been lifted from my face!☺

My results appear to be that I have a firmer looking face, my skin is smoother, tighter and my pores a lot smaller! It's only been a few days since I got the machine in, but I can see a total change.However, every time I use a product after using the machine with any cream, my skin absorbs it quicker than before and it actually is using it. 
Features of the 5-in-1 High Frequency Device I love and comes Included:

  • The Design - It's a box that can hold and be carries anyplace to plug in. The box has all the areas to place the tools and turn on the speed as well as power to start each device included.
  • Included Items - There are 5 different things this product can do. Mainly to prevent aging and help make the skin look youthful, clean and healthy!
    • High Frequency Electrotherapy - Aids in circulation of the skin, allowing oxygen and the body to heal and firm up!
    • Vacuum - Helps clean out the dirt, dead skin and everything that may be stuck inside the skin that is causing acne, blackheads and just making the skin look bad.
    • Spray - Refresh and can be used to freshen the skin up as well as can be used with some mixed ingredients to add my own benefits to my skin like adding some vitamin c or peppermint essential oil.
    • Brush Set - Clean deep inside the pores and remove anything from dead skin or oil. Plus, the other parts included help scrub the body as well as polish the skin with the lotions and creams I love to use!
      • There are many different pieces to fit around small to large areas. There is a total of 5 pieces.
    • The Galvanic Current Treatment - Uses positive and negative ions, which help nourish the skin and lead out all bad impurities causing the skin to age faster and look horrible.
  • Easy to Use - Very simple machine to set up and use daily or anytime I need too!
  • For Home Use - This is a professional machine, but is able to be used in the house. Simple to use and doesn't take a professional to learn to use the machine. 

Finally, results say more than words and I really love this product and have a face to prove it!
Highly recommend this machine!
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