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Lock Pick Set For Lock Pick Training Trainer Practice by Tontec

The Lock Pick Set by Tontec is perfect for practice for breaking open a lock and understanding how the way a lock is created. I find it a fun game, as well as great practice. The clear see through lock allows me to view what a real inside of a lock looks like open and when locked with a key. The view also gives me a chance to try to unlock with the pick set that is included on the side. I can see every twist and turn or ways I'm trying to unlock the lock.
However, every time I get it wrong, I'll learn to not use a certain twist or move it a certain way and figure out exactly what I need to do to open it correctly each time!
Features I love about the Lock Pick Set by Tontec:
  • Practice set - great way to practice and understand how locks are made to prevent from opening. Gives me a chance to figure out what I need to do to open it, with the see through lock.
  • Included - There is 9 different picks included in this set, a clear see through lock and two keys as well as a leather case.
  • Game or Practice - Can be both a game and practice for opening  a real lock. However, it's very handy and great tool to own.
  • Quality - Excellent and just like a real lock, but made for the eyes to have the advantage to see what is being done inside, when unlocking with picks.
Finally, this set is fun and just for a great way of practice, this really is helpful and made of perfect quality!

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