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Ivation Telescoping Electric Pole Chainsaw - Self-Lubricating - 8 Inch Chain, 6.5-Amp Motor - BONUS Oil Bottle Included

The Telescoping Ivation Electric Pole Chain Saw is AWESOME! The way it reaches the tallest branch, without using a ladder and how easy it is to use without relubricating it. 
I just have to say, for my first electric chain Saw this s wonderful! I never need to use something to reach the branches on my trees. It easily cuts through the normal pieces of my tree, which they aren't huge or thick around, but just ones I need to trim down.
So I haven't yet tried on super thick size branches, but for medium to small it works great and fast! The best part is that it doesn't just do trees, but weeds and other small garden plants that need a trim or cutting.

Features I love best:
  • Design- Easy to set up, takes little to no effort to turn it on and start using it. 
    • The 8 inch size is perfect for small and some medium to large branches. 
    • The saw moves from the electric power motor and when turned on by the button on the handle.
    • The pole is long and extends like a telescope. So I can go as short or as long as I need to reach a certain area. The handle reminds me of a gun style handle, which is very easy to hold and press down on the button to trigger the saw. Plus, it doesn't slip out of my hands, when in use or feels uncomfortable for long term use.
    •  Charge Cord is located by the handle, very easy to plug in and start charging, without using batteries or any other source. It's a simple outlet cord, which plugs in easily with extension cord(not included).
    • Lubrication Container is located by the saw, which is just easy to open the knob to insert the oil and let it self lub, when needed. The oil is included, which is wonderful!
    • Cover for the Saw, preventing it to ever get damaged or hurting anyone if touched. Like a simple cover. 
  • Speed - Perfect for me, I don't need a scary saw to use. The 6.5 amps is just a perfect amount to do the job that I need, which is to cut through those branches and weeds fast, safe and easily!
  • No Turn On Vibrations - I don't get hand vibrations when holding it. Causing me to cut everything by accident. 
  • Lubrication - The Chains keep moving perfectly and don't seize up or need any fixing due to the tank built in this designed Chain Saw.
  • Useful - Use it for so many different areas around my home and garden. It's easy to work with and doesn't take a lot of energy to use. I feel like a Professional Saw User, but this is the first time ever using something like this!

Finally, this just works! I am a garden lover and have trees, butterfly bushes and many other plants that grow branches and need to be pruned, trimmed and taken down after damage. However, cutting them down can be tricky, but with the pole I can reach the top of these branches, no ladder and get each piece trimmed down without cutting things I don't need cut!

Excellent product, very well designed!
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