Thursday, December 31, 2015

Inateck Mini Multifunctional Digital Scale

This is a very nicely designed Inateck Mini Multifunctional Digital Scale. Super simple to use, very sleek in style and has a fast reading, once an object is placed on top. I love the portability of this product, as many can be a bit large. However, the small, lightweight, and slim size allows me to take it with me, anyplace and easier to store away. The functions allow me to use this for food, my hobbies and many other uses. It's very simple to use and what I really love is that this runs off of triple A batteries and not cell type, which can end up being pricey.
For the smart features like auto sleep, I feel it allows me to be forgetful, since I don't need to remember to shut the power off, when it will shut down by itself. Also, the other feature
I do like about this, is that I can weight in ounces and grams, which I use most often when working with food or gemstones. Now with that said, I do want to mention that the reading is very easy to see, as the light allows me an easier view and the large black digits appear crystal clear on the screen.
Therefore, I find this to be a superb device, as I had no problems turning it on, using it and getting the results without getting lost or confused using any of the buttons.
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