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Color Management A Comprehensive Guide for Graphic Designers by John T. Drew and Sarah A. Meyer

The book, Color Management by John T. Drew and Sarah A Meyer is really a wonderful way to understand color in different uses on the computer and off! I found myself interested in learning more about Color Management for graphic design and all types of projects. 
The entire book is perfectly ordered from learning about color, theories, contrasts, depth, techniques, pixels, printing and so much more! It really is a book with so much information you could use for graphic designing.  I think the book does an excellent job explaining the colors used to draw attention in either a simple or dynamic styled design. The use of 2D and 3D style that can be achieved with color and how it is used in everyday publications or portfolios, even websites. The book itself is full of colorful design and grabs my attention while reading each page through. I knew I wanted something that would cover every little detail on color, not just for computer design, but also where I can use it for other art projects. However, this book will definitely fill your head with information on web designing, graphic art with color and so much computer uses, that it really could help anyone land a job or work for a professional industry.
I really love the easy to follow guidance throughout the book. There isn't any hard to understand information in this book. It actually reminds me how magazines, books, websites, and so many more publications are created for presentation. Just thinking about the advertised toy's box from the store, an advertisement is seen in the window, or even just a business card is used to attract the consumer, which this book will give great ways to explain how that color and design can be used to do just that! Therefore, this book is very much a helpful book to own! It's packed with great ideas, helpful tips and easy guidance to creating a perfect use of color in any project you need to work on.
Information About The Authors:
John T. Drew is currently a full professor at California State University, Fullerton. He is the coauthor of Acuity 1.0, Color Management for Logos, Color Management for Package Design, and Choosing Color for Logos & Packaging. He is the author of The Effects of Distance, Typographic Form, Color, and Motion On 20/20 Vision and Acuity Color Matching System. Professor Drew is the coe-ditor of Design Education in Progress: Process and Methodology, and a member of the editorial board of directors for Design Behaviors.

Sarah A. Meyer is chair of the Art Department and professor of graphic design at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. She has taught at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, the University of Utah, California State University, Fullerton, and has been a visiting professor of visual communications and motion graphics at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar. She is co-editor for the book series Design Education in Progress: Process and Methodology and Design Behaviors.

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