Sunday, November 8, 2015

VENSMILE MXV MX5 TV Box Quad Core Google Android 4.4.2 Kitkat TV Stick

The VENSMILE MXV MX5 TV Box is awesome, now with the Quadcore processing! I'm able to do things faster and continue to play my games and connect to everything better. The box is like a brain and allows me to go online, access apps from Google Play Store, and so much more!
I always think of it as the brain, which is taking the small box and making my television smarter. Giving my television the ability to go online, access Apps like a smart phone and tablet, and even do things that my computer does. What I really wanted this for, is games and videos! So from the Play Store, I can use the apps for Netflix or Xfinity and stream it easily onto my television with this box. I don't need to buy a separate Smart TV at a high cost, to get the same effect! Plus, my favorite emulated game apps and other games can be easily played on the Television, thanks to this box!☺♥
Features that stand out about the VENSMILE Android TV Box:
  • Quadcore - Fast processing and it's super quick with everything. I can do multiple tasks, access the internet and load sites faster. 
  • Design - Small Black Box, acts like a brain(tablet + Computer + Smart PHone = Smart TV). I can access all the ports on the two sides, which one is for a flash drive and mini SD card and the other ports for power and HDMI, plus more!
  • There is also one button on top, which turns it on and off. 
  • Memory - 8GB, but on the side allows for an insert of a SD Card Mini and get it up to 32max or save files and use as many as needed, plus flash drive sticks!
  • Android 4.4 - Allows for Google Play Store App downloads and that can include games, videos, books, and music! Plus, after signing in with the Google Account, it is easy to access mail, online account in the browser, all the apps and everything Google!
  • Additional Items - I can easily attach a Retro Super Nintendo Controller and play my emulated games on the TV Box, as well as use a keyboard and mouse, plus more!
  • Easy To Setup and Use - Very easy to setup, not much buttons or cords to plug in. Very straight forward!
Finally, The quality is excellent in my opinion and so is the visual as well as sound! 
Highly Recommend the VENSMILE Android TV Box!

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