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Ultimate Friendship Bracelets Kit by Patrizia Valsecchi & Antonio Attini

The book, Ultimate Friendship Bracelets Kit by Patrizia Valsecchi, and Antonio Attini 
is so full of fun and exciting bracelets that can be made for your friends and even yourself! The designs are all very interesting with zig zags, tasseled, decorative patterns, totems and so much more! What really caught my eye with this book is that it's fun! I always loved making the simple friendship bracelets, but now I can try some new styles and create them for everyone I know. Plus, it's just a great weekend or anytime project that makes some fun Jewelry pieces!

I think my favorite design inside the book would have to be the zig zags and diamond designs. They do add a little more to the bracelet than the traditional color bracelet with no decorative design. However, everyone in the book is very lovely and all easy to follow.

Now in the Ultimate Friendship Bracelets Kit, you are getting a DVD to help you, 64 page Color Book for guidance through the many different bracelets you can make, 14 Skeins of embroidery floss and 25 beads. So right away, this set could make a gift for anyone since everything is inside the box. You don't need to buy anything separate to start creating some fun an colorful Friendship Bracelets. What I love is that the guidance is very clear and easy to understand, the book isn't huge and shares plenty of illustrated photos for guidance. I never feel loss when looking through this book for new and exciting designs I can create!
Finally, I think for a beginner or someone who loves making friendship bracelets or a great creative family project, this would be wonderful!
Information About The Authors:
Patrizia Valsecchi
born in Rome in 1964 and loves the little things that make each person an individual and likes to make jewelry and anything else that attracts her curiosity. She loves to experiment with new materials and methods, and pays meticulous attention to shapes, colors, and finishes. after learning various techniques, she decided to share her knowledge with others, and in 2012 launched a personal blog ( and a Youtube channel with video tutorials. 

Antonio Attini 
Born in Turin in 1960, Antonio Attini specializes in photojournalism and aerial photography, as well as photography in the areas of landscape, art, and archeology. He has undertaken numerous projects in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America, and his work has been published by leading travel magazines. He has won several photography awards and has taken part in the Kodak Gold Circle European Gold Awards since 1994, with a high standard of excellence. His work has been included in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He is the author of several photographic monographs in different languages.

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