Thursday, November 19

Tuttle Learning Chinese Characters by Alison Matthews & Laurence Matthews

The book, Tuttle Learning Chinese Characters by Alison Matthews and Laurence Matthews is an excellent beginners book! I really wanted to learn this for making some fun and beautiful cards and messages on scrapbook pages! Plus, the bonus of learning characters in Chinese! I know how popular characters are for tattooing and always wondered how about making some decorative cards with a character or few to design it! 
This book is  full of beginner information, very easy to understand and super helpful. I think for a first time learner and one who wants something easy, this book is just that! Full of the most used characters written/drawn in Chinese. I love to think of them, when I look into the book as little photos or pictures. They just are an excellent way to write something to someone with just a decorative character design.
The guidance is wonderful and everything I could ask for is in this book, from how to begin or learn to write/draw them and the meanings to each. If your just starting out, this would be a terrific book with guidance and understanding Chinese characters. Plus, you can use them in so many art and other projects, which is also great! ☺♥
Information About The Authors:
Alison Matthews is a statistician who has worked in the oil, aviation, tourism, medical and software industries.

Laurence Matthews is the author of the Kanji Fast Finder and Chinese Character Fast Finder books.

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