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The Spice and Herb Bible,Third Editon by Ian Hemphill with Recipes by Kate Hemphill

The book, The Spice and Herb Bible by Ian Hemphill and Kate Hemphill is packed with so much information on spices and recipes that may used in all the different recipes and found ones that I've never heard of or tried! When I cook, I always love to rev up my recipes or make something just a little different and maybe even more spicier than normal. So to have a book to guide me through the many different herbs and spices that I could use in all types of dishes is excellent!
There are over 800 pages of so much recipes, references on spices/herbs and just anything you could use to help you understand how to or what the certain spice may be great with. I know about a few herbs and spices, as I'm always trying to season my meals differently. However, this book is packed with so much exciting information such as the family they came from, parts used, flavor group( how strong or light the flavor may be), and even some of the spice/herb spellings in all different languages, plus more! So it's like a learning book, a guidance and helpful assistant to delicious cuisine and flavors for all types of meals!
The reason I love the Bible size Spice and Herb book is because it's packed with everything  I need to learn and use for making a certain dish. Some may just reference to spices and nothing more about recipes or where they came from. However, this book is everything from a little history lesson, to the great way to try something new in place of the same old herb used in recipes or even just to try some of the recipes in the book that are included with the herbs. However, I think from any of the herbs I used daily, these few such as vanilla, garlic, cinnamon and even cayenne are my favorite and now I get to learn a little bit more about each of them and many other meals I may add them too! However, now I'm going to definitely try some other spices listed in this book and spice up my regular sweet or savory dish to something even more flavorful!
Finally, this is a huge book, very helpful and you won't find anything that comes close to the information in this Bible! Excellent addition to any home ! ☺♥
Information About The Author:
Ian Hemphill can’t remember when herbs and spices were not a part of his life. The younger son of John and Rosemary Hemphill, who pioneered Australia’s love of herbs and spices in the 1950’s, Ian earned his pocket money picking herbs and remembers many a season when the family home was strewn with bunches of drying culinary produce. Ian worked with his parents for many years, managed a spice company in Singapore and was a senior manager for a multinational food company in Australia.
In 1997, Ian and his wife Liz opened a specialty spice shop in the Sydney suburb of Rozelle, which bears the nickname Ian has had since school days...Herbie’s. Herbie is now enjoying sharing his extensive knowledge and experience with his customers at Herbie's Spices. Herbie’s Spices was founded to fill a need in the community of cooks and food lovers who wanted to access hard-to-find herbs and spices, have access to reliable information and be assured of the very best quality available in the world. He lives in Australia.

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