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The Graphic Designer's Guide to Portfolio Design, 3rd Edition by Debbie Rose Myers

 The book, The Graphic Designer's Guide to Portfolio Design by Debbie Rose Myers is full of wonderful information and details for creating some beautiful portfolios. I actually was interested in this book for improving and helping others improve their portfolios as well as my own. I can tell you that the guidance in this book is very well detailed and helpful from step by step. There is much information to the way to create an attractive portfolio to capture more attention and look professional for companies that you may want to work for. So in the long run, it may just impress the interviewer at a job so much that your starting the very next day!
Through out the book, I was really impressed with the information found inside the book and how helpful it can really teach you about the different computer programs you could try and make your portfolio stand out. I did notice with the many examples were the wording and the art work that was used, which caught my attention while searching through this book. I knew right than, that it would be something that I want to add and use on my portfolio or even other projects I would like to draw attention too.  
The best way to explain what is in this book is just taking a look at an advertisement in a magazine or an illustrated name of a brand. You'll notice how they use bold or interesting types to let these words stand out, as well as some illustrations or detailed designs on the page. Honestly, you can even use this method for scrapbooking, it's basically making the eyes want to be attracted to a page and the object your focusing on. So reading this will really improve the way you present yourself in your portfolio, making it stand out differently from others and showing how much skill you really have.
I find this to be one of the best versions, for graphic designing. It really is a wonderful guide, full of details and examples to help me understand where to start, what to do and how to improve on what I already have to nail me that dream job or increase my professional style. Finally, I would really recommend this wonderful book to increase and improve the way the world sees your portfolio and make you the number one choice for any job or company your interested in working for! ☺

Information About The Author:
Debbie Rose Myers, MFA, EdS, is a professor of graphic design, advertising, and web design at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida, where she also teaches portfolio design courses and develops curricula for graphic design and multimedia programs.

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