Friday, November 20

The Golden Tarot: The Visconti-Sforza Deck by Mary Packard

The Golden Tarot by Mary Packard is actually a complete set of the book to learn about Tarot and how to use them, as well as the addition of the Tarot Cards included. I love learning about this Tarot Deck and even if it's a bit difficult for a beginner to understand, it's really interesting to see how far back Tarot Cards were used to bring focus to spiritual development and understanding of the future. 

What I like most about this set is that there is guidance to the layout and what each card is meant to represent. It is such a beautiful deck and with the history, I love it even more!
I usually used my deck of tarot to guide me to the answer I need and for understanding what may occurring in my life that I can't see coming. So to have some spiritual guidance and help through a reading is wonderful!
What you do get in the box is a beautiful purple cloth, perfect to work on top of! There is also the deck of Tarot Cards, which has the gorgeous images and the book to explain each cards meaning and some details about the cards.
Finally, I love the quality and everything being included in this kit! It could make the perfect gift!

Here is some information about the Author:

Mary Packard has written over 250 books for children and adults. She began her love affair with books at a young age, and today she writes books that she herself would enjoy reading. For her, writing is a fun way to explore new subjects, such as the mystical world of tarot. She is the author of The Golden Tarot (Race Point Publishing, 2013).

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