Tuesday, November 17

Skull Speakers from Wholesale Party Supplies

Halloween is over, but still I'm in the spooky spirit! Even if I have to remove the decorations, at least the decorative Skull Speaker can be used as a great collectors item than just another Halloween prop. The skull head is just so well detailed and something that you can't find at the price that Wholesale Party Supplies sells it for! The sound plays perfectly through the speaker, just as crystal clear as the music I have playing with it, like it would play in any other speaker. 
However, I know that my mom is a huge collector of skulls, from shirts to statues and so much more! She just has to have it all, so I figure this is one thing she doesn't have that works
for both a spooky decoration for Halloween and a collectors item. What makes it so much easier to use is the controller that is included, which is an excellent addition. Plus, I think the best thing about buying online is that The Wholesale Party Supplies has a wonderful list of new deals and offers on their Twitter, which makes it easy to find what I need and not pay more at a retail shop!
Finally, I think what I love best about this wonderful skull is the textured design and it's realistic carved out nose, eye sockets and that huge smile. It's spooky, funny and just great! I must say for any prop that can be bought on a budget and act as a gift or just a decoration, than its a great buy for me! So I'm so glad to find a shop that offers great deals and products like this Skull Speaker!

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