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Nova Microdermabrasion Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaner Eyeglasses Jewelry Cleaning 6.5L 180w

The Nova Microdermabrasion Ultrasonic Cleaner for eyeglasses, and jewelry and more is terrific! Those ultrasonic frequencies helps remove the debris and hard to clean particles on my large and small objects, giving them a healthy shiny appearance. The device is a perfect size for large amounts of objects and does a great job with just water and some cleaning solution like soap. I really don't need to use much of anything, the device does the rest.

What many of the smaller versions do is use the Ultrasonic movement in the water to clean the object, but sometimes I find it to not do the job it should. It really depends on the watts. So this actually has the super powerful 180w advantage that makes everything come out better the first time!

Basket holds the Jewelry or Other Items, While in Use.
Best Features of the Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaning Machine:
  • Safe Design - It's very easy to plug in and use, there is no fear of harm or danger.
  • Easy to Use - The basket allows me to place all my items into the machine for cleaning, enough space to fit a lot!
  • Size- It's not too huge and it actually fits a perfect corner in my room, while not in use. The shape keeps it from begin super huge.
  • Simple - Easy to understand the short directions
  • Excellent Quality - Well made cleaner that works like it should!
  • Multiple Uses - For Sunglasses, glasses, jewelry, tools, etc.
Drain the water from here.
Power on/off and plug inserts in the back
Finally, this works great, has excellent speed and cleans the many pieces I've done already perfectly, than anything else I've tried!
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