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Nova Microdermabrasion Portable High Frequency Skin & Hair Machine

The Nova Microdermabrasion High Facial Machine really works great for my entire body! There are so many High electric frequencies being transferred from the glass electrodes to my face and other areas of my body, that it helps the circulation and supplies more oxygen to those specific areas I'm focusing on. I could already tell from the first use the change in my skins texture, how less oily my face was around my nose and forehead, and I even notice I felt like my skin was alive! After the tool was used, my face felt refreshed and revived more than it's ever been. In away, it was like having the face massaged and allowing every skin cell to be filled with oxygen bringing it back to life! However, this product really did prove it's worth! I could see my skin scars and wrinkles fading, my skin becoming stronger and smoother and even used on my head I noticed a huge change than those red lights have done!

Features I love about the Nova Microdermabrasion Portable High Frequency Machine:
  • Design - Very easy to place each glass tube shaped electrode into the device and pull out when not needed. There is no heat or burning when used, the device stays pretty cool and is comfortable to hold. There is a nice design embossed, keeping it from slipping
  • out of the hands, while holding. The cord is long enough to use right by my vanity, while sitting or standing and everything is durable and not easy to break or fall apart after many uses!
  • Multiple Uses - Not just for the face, but the body and head as well! I find it helps stimulate growth for the hair, helps add circulation through out the body removing wrinkles, acne, and even improve skin tone.
  • 4 Glass Electrodes - Each one is shaped differently, giving me a better way to heal and work on certain parts of the body. I consider the four to be the comb( perfect for the hair/head), the mushroom ( perfect for the face and large spots) The leaf shaped ( great for tight areas and rounded spots) and the last one the dot/spot tool (small areas and places that need healing such as acne and much more). So they all have some special part and function that helps the body and problem areas needed.
  • Easy to Use - Just insert an electrode, than plug in, turn it on and rotate the button to the comfort of electric frequencies going through each glass electrode.
  • Supplies Extra Power & Support - Does a great job with supporting healthy skin and hair, but when paired with a serum or lotion than it's helping that product penetrate the skin more and providing the body with even more support!
  • Skin and Hair Health - Supplies the face, eye area, hair, body and so much more with therapy to improve and reduce those puffy dark circles, those wrinkles, acne scars, scars, (possibly) cellulite, and so much skin issues with the electric frequency coming from each electrode.
Finally, there is really no pain it feels like a little like a zapping if put on high, but it doesn't hurt! However, the knob below allows for adjustment and I can find how much frequencies I can take and want to use in a certain area. The thicker the skin the more I can use. Plus, it works great with lotion before each use!
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